The Suns’ Game Against Atlanta Is Postponed Due To Contact Tracing On Phoenix’s Roster

On Tuesday night, word dropped that the NBA had to make its latest game postponement due to COVID-19 protocols. The game between the Washington Wizards and the Utah Jazz scheduled to occur on Wednesday got postponed due to positive tests that popped up on the Wizards’ roster, although it is unclear who tested positive or how widespread this is among the team.

We now know that the ramifications from that game are spilling over into others, as another game on Wednesday night has gotten moved. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that the NBA opted to move the Phoenix Suns’ tilt against the Atlanta Hawks due to contact tracing related to the game Phoenix played against Washington on Monday.

The league confirmed this shortly after Wojnarowski’s report, saying the following in a release: “Because of ongoing contact tracing within the Suns, the team does not have the league-required eight available players to proceed with tonight’s game against the Hawks.” It is unclear when this game will be rescheduled or if the Suns will be able to play next — the team has home tilts against the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers on Friday and Saturday, respectively, before embarking on a road trip to Memphis and Houston next week.