Taj Gibson ‘Just Lost It’ After He Was Ejected In Minnesota’s Loss To Utah

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Tensions boiled over during the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 106-102 loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday night, as veteran forward Taj Gibson “lost it” on official James Williams. Gibson was ejected from the game in the third quarter and had to be held back while he was screaming at the official. Additionally, Gibson flipped Williams off.

It was a tense moment out of Gibson, someone who is known for being an intense dude but rarely, if ever, gets to this point. He did, however, meet with the media after the game and stressed that this stemmed from the Timberwolves being down by 11 and Williams missing some calls. Gibson went on to say that he plans on finding Williams, and apologizing for what went down between the two.

“He’s like a big brother,” Gibson said, according to the Star Tribune. “You see him every day, you have a relationship, sometimes tempers flare and you kind of lose it a little bit, but you know you mean well. I’ll see him again, but it was just part of the job. It was just one of those times I just lost it.”

The NBA season is a grind, and this sort of stuff is going to happen, but it’s still good to see that Gibson is going to reach out and take the L on this one.