Terrence Jones Sliced Through The Nets’ Defense Thanks To This Ridiculous Ball Fake

Terrence Jones may be a power forward, but the Pelicans’ frontcourt player can put the ball on floor and take guys off the bounce. It makes him a uniquely skilled forward, and the kind of player who is capable of doing stuff like this.

Jones got the ball on the perimeter during New Orleans’ game against Brooklyn on Thursday night. Jones took one dribble and looked like he was going to throw a behind-the-back pass to Buddy Hield, who was standing wide open in the corner.

Instead, Jones decided to bring the ball back around. This froze Joe Harris (who eventually started running towards Hield) and made Trevor Booker run towards the corner. Those two events freed up the lane for Jones, who was able to glide in for a simple layup. It’s a frontrunner for the savviest play you’ll see out of someone this year – it’s almost like one of those old Rajon Rondo plays where he’d fake going behind the back and completely clown a few defenders en route to a layup.

The difference, of course, is that Jones is a big man who shouldn’t be able to pull of something that point guards pull out every now and then.