The Atlanta Hawks’ Thabo Sefolosha Says His Broken Leg Was ‘Caused By Police’

Atlanta Hawks wing Thabo Sefolosha has issued a statement through the team that specifically cites the NYPD as the cause of the fractured tibia he suffered during a skirmish with several police officers last week. The incident happened in the aftermath of the Chris Copeland stabbing near the popular Chelsea nightclub 1OAK.

The video above, obtained by TMZ Sports, appears to show Sefolosha being detained by at least five police officers. It also appears to show fellow Hawks teammate Pero Antic handcuffed on the curb.

The injury Sefolosha suffered will almost certainly have playoff implications for the Hawks, who are the number one team in the East and are anticipating a deep post-season run. Sefolosha and his vaunted defense would have played a big role in that, but he’ll now miss the entire playoffs, and depending on the severity of the injury, it could have long-term ramifications for his career.

He doesn’t say so explicitly in the above statement, but it sure sounds as if a lawsuit against the NYPD will be forthcoming.

“On advice of counsel, I hope that you can appreciate that I cannot discuss the facts of this case. Those questions will be answered by my attorney in a court of law. I will simply say that I am in great pain, have experienced a significant injury, and that the injury was caused by the police.”

*UPDATE: Internal Affairs is reportedly investigating the incident.

(video via TMZSports)