The 10 Most Questionable Fashion Choices From The NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs are a show and the players understand that. Roy Hibbert said it best: If you’re going to the podium every night, “You have to be dressed really well.” But even Roy described some of his teammates’ fashion choices as “outlandish.” Unfortunately for some guys, their on-court decision-making does not translate to picking out their pregame and postgame attire.

Here are our top 10 most ridiculous outfits of the 2013 Playoffs…

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Paul George is seen here at the podium after the Pacers tough 103-102 loss in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals sporting a loud, paisley green button-up shirt. Even though George went with a questionable choice for his postgame attire, we’ll give him a pass after dropping 27 points and five assists in a tight one.

Hill is seen rocking a vibrant polo that is honestly just confusing to look at. It kind of looks like somebody took a white collared shirt and splattered paint all over it. However, Hill’s clutch 18 points in Indy’s Game 2 victory over Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals might have helped him get away with pulling it off at the podium.

Jennings sure isn’t afraid of making statements. Before Game 1 of his first-round matchup against Miami, he told reporters that the Bucks would win the series in six. That wasn’t the only thing that brought off-the-court attention his way. Above, Jennings is seen rocking a jacket that makes him look like he’s ready for the wilderness.

When it came to questionable fashion choices during this postseason, LeBron wasn’t even the one who grabbed the most attention on his squad. Still, he did make some interesting decisions when it came to his off-court attire. The two-time champ is seen rocking a $54 dollar sweater from Staple. If anyone could pull this off at the podium, it was the king himself, and Staple owner Jeff Staple was “geeked” that it was ‘Bron instead of Tim Duncan rocking his threads during these playoffs.

Conley was spotted before a matchup with San Antonio attempting to be the next trendsetter in the league, rocking a wooden bow-tie. It caught the eye of the guys on Inside the NBA as they likened Conley’s bow-tie to a dog bone. Luckily for Mike, he was being interviewed by Craig Sager at the time so he didn’t have the loudest outfit in the room.

Before going down with his playoff-ending injury, Russ stepped up to the podium looking like a young MC Hammer with the sleeveless hoody, glasses and gold chain. Had this been the 2012 Playoffs, Russ would have likely taken the cake as he had four rounds to make suspect fashion choices. Still, the electric guard cracked our top five in limited podium opportunities.

First of all, in typical frontrunner fashion, Bieber decided to jump ship from loving the Lake Show to sporting Heat snap-backs courtside on Biscayne Boulevard. His bandwagon tactics were not what made him crack our list — it was his leather button-up shirt and sunglasses that were worn at night. Think the Biebs is feeling himself a little bit too much here. Enough said.

Keep reading to see the guy who took not only the top spot in our list, but also the No. 3 and No. 2 spots…

When it comes to the 2013 Playoffs, Wade won’t be remembered for his on-court performances. Unfortunately for him, his third NBA title will forever be overshadowed by his inability to dress. D-Wade literally looked like he got dressed in the dark before and after every game. Let’s quickly break down each of his bad fashion choices.

That v-neck is looking a little low. I have no explanation.

Chuck, Shaq and co. hit the nail on the head during Inside the NBA: “Grandma’s Couch”

Honestly? Tight, polka-dotted bell bottoms and what look like a male version of high-heels? No thank you.

Who has the most questionable fashion choices in the NBA?

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