The 20 Best Crossovers In NBA History, Ranked

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This IS NOT a “honor the best guys in NBA history” list. If someone helped mold and create the crossover, that doesn’t mean he’ll make this list. (I looked and looked, but Isiah Thomas never had a crossover nice enough to make it — that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the greatest ballhandlers ever. Same thing with Kevin Johnson, who mastered going through his legs to lose defenders but didn’t have a move that fit the definitions of this list.) If John Crotty laid down the hammer, then he was going to make the cut (luckily he didn’t). I would’ve thrown in Starbury collapsing the Great Wall of China, but that wasn’t necessarily a great shake… it was more Yao just seeing a real offensive move for the first time in his life and his feet didn’t cooperate.

With that, here are the 20 best crossovers in NBA history.


20. TIM HARDAWAY, The Crossover God
Hardaway often gets the credit for developing one of the first real crossover moves: the killer crossover. What made it so deadly was Hardaway created a counter for it. If you sat on the crossover, he’d simply throw it back between his legs and go right by you.

19. JAMAL CRAWFORD Leaves Wesley Matthews Grabbing At Air
This move was so deadly I still have no idea what Wes Matthews was doing. Did he get pushed? Did he hear a whistle? Did he see Antoine Tyler‘s spirit come down out of the stands? More likely, he was so embarrassed he needed some type of excuse.

18. STEPHEN CURRY Puts Gary Neal In Popovich’s Doghouse
Because he’s probably the NBA’s best shooter, people often forget that Curry has some of the slickest handles in the game. He’s not necessarily the quickest player, but is so smooth with the ball that he often catches defenders overplaying him.

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