The Top 10 Plays Of The 1992 Dream Team

If you watched the NBA TV documentary “The Dream Team” last night, chances are you’re still riding a bit of a high from all the dunking, dishing and Las Ramblas’ing of Charles Barkley. The documentary was a fascinating look at the inside workings of the best team ever assembled. That meant it was light on showing some of the team’s best plays, however.

I can’t speak to whom cut this tape of the top 10 plays by the Dream Team. All I know is it’s the best evidence I could find of how easily the team made a gold medal look. On a personal note, and as a longtime friend of a recent world champion and Olympian track and field star who’s seen how hard most people work to even think about a medal stand, the ease with which Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird made the gold look is still surreal. So have at ’em, and let us know what you think was the best play or accomplishment — Barkley not outright killing that Angolan with his elbow? — of the ’92 Barcelona ballers.