The Top 5 Times Jerry Stackhouse Beat Down A NBA Player

08.09.12 7 years ago
I’m not sure what we’d do without the Internet. In past generations, they had the newspaper and Sunday afternoon matinees. Now, we have forum threads, we have Twitter, ESPN, rumor wires, we have pretty much everything. It’s easy to spread gossip. If you’ve been hanging around the Interwebs for a while, then you’ve probably heard tremors about what I’m going to tell you: Jerry Stackhouse is a bad mother. Some NBA players are known for being crazy (Ron Artest/Metta World Peace). Others are known for rolling super deep (Stephen Jackson/Chris Mills). Then you have a guy like Charles Oakley, who gets a category all to himself. But Stack might be one of the few everyone knows you don’t mess with.

Earlier today, we posted video of Stackhouse, who was signed by Brooklyn this summer, but figures to spend more time learning from Avery Johnson to make the transition towards coaching than actually playing, getting dunked on again in the Greater NC Pro-Am. If you can recall, John Wall once did the same thing to him in the same gym. So I joked if people keep flushing highlights on his head, he might get pissed off and start laying them out.

Why? He has a history of doing it. He may have been the first player to start wearing tights in games – once half the NBA caught on, the league offices banned them – but as was detailed in the awesome book about Michael Jordan, “When Nothing Else Matters”, the man could issue a bad whooping if he was pushed far enough. For crying out loud, some fans started calling him Jerry “Mortal Combat” Stackhouse at one point.

Just check out what he once said about Byron Scott:

“I don’t think Byron Scott is the best coach or I don’t think he’s the best guy to deal with — you know what I’m sayin? — from some things that I’ve heard from other players and just some dealings that I had with him earlier in the season. I was about ready to kick his ass — you know what I’m sayin? He was sitting on the sideline and we just got into a little conversation or something and he was going to tell me, you know, ‘Talk to me when you get a ring.’ I was like, I told that fool, ‘If I played with Magic and Worthy and Kareem I’d have a ring, too. So, you know, he’s a sucker in my book, but that’s a whole other story.”

Byron Scott was a coach then with New Orleans, by the way.

Here are the top five stories of Stackhouse beating down another fellow NBA player…

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I very nearly put Manu Ginobili in this spot after watching video of Stackhouse choke slam him and then pin his head to the floor during a Dallas and San Antonio matchup. But the now 37-year-old didn’t discriminate when it came to handing out ass whoopings. He can lay hands on a foreign player, or he might just go after a teammate in practice.

Back when Iverson and Stack were two young guns in Philly, there were all sorts of rumors flying around that they didn’t get along. Some of it seemed true; others were just fabrications. But one disagreement definitely happened.

During a morning shootaround in March of 1997, the two stars came to blows. One source told The New York Daily News Stackhouse started it by punching Iverson in the head.

Both guys downplayed it later, and said they were cool with each other. But Stackhouse did drop this: “It was a fight between one guy who doesn’t know how to fight and another guy who didn’t want to.”

Later that day, Stackhouse would shoot 3-for-14 in a loss to the Knicks, so maybe it did have an effect on him.

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