This Kentucky Fan Got A Tattoo Of John Calipari’s Face With ’40 And Oh Well’

john calipari
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Kentucky basketball fandom borders on religious fanaticism. Like that of Kentucky fan Cory Eaves, who got a very colorful picture of John Caliper tattooed on his arm after the unfortunate ending to the Wildcats perfect season. The tattoo reads, “40 AND OH WELL” to commemorate the team’s 38-1 season.

Usually these crazy sports tattoos have a very limited shelf life. But the tagline shows unusual foresight for a sports tattoo. Obviously, Calipari’s face is creepy as all hell, but “40 AND OH WELL” could apply to other Kentucky seasons in the future. If nothing else, the tattoo will make for a great story to tell in 20 years.

(Via Larry Brown Sports)