TJ McConnell Is Apparently The Greatest Defender In Basketball History In ‘NBA 2K22’

NBA 2K22 officially dropped last week, which means it’s time for an age-old tradition: Gamers playing it and posting videos of weird things that popped up in the game to social media. One example of this, from @ChrisPesos_ of Knicks Gaming in the NBA 2K League, shows that it is apparently impossible to try and dribble in the game against Indiana Pacers guard T.J. McConnell, who is apparently capable of putting the clamps on anyone.

The video ended up making its way to TikTok, where he explained that he ran into this issue in MyCareer. His player’s ball handling rating is a 99 and possesses the unpluckable badge, and yet McConnell is not just able to force turnovers at a crazy rate, he straight up broke the NBA’s steals record in this game with 12.

In fairness, McConnell’s a crazy good on-ball defender, both in real life and in NBA 2K22. While he is a 78 overall, some of his defensive stats are ridiculous — McConnell has a 97 steal rating, a 95 pass perception rating, and an 82 perimeter defense rating. So if anything, let this be a lesson to everyone who is still in the early days of playing 2K22 that if you’re playing the Pacers, dribbling near TJ McConnell is a terrible idea.