Tobias Harris Might Have What It Takes To Become The Clippers’ Next Superstar

10.05.18 7 months ago

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It’s a period of transition in Los Angeles, and not just with the Lakers. Amid all the hoopla surrounding LeBron James’ move to L.A. this summer, it’s easy to forget that the Clippers closed the final chapter on Lob City this offseason when the last remnants of that era — DeAndre Jordan and Austin Rivers — left for other pastures.

Even with all the upheaval last season, the Clippers were still one of the feel-good stories of the NBA. With Chris Paul in Houston and Blake Griffin shipped to Detroit before the trade deadline, everyone expected them to quietly implode. Instead, they were in the playoff hunt in the West right up until the last few days of the season.

Lou Williams, of course, was a major catalyst for that. When given the freedom to do what he wants, he’s one of the most exciting scorers in the league, and we got treated to the full Lou Will experience last season in Los Angeles. The organization rightfully rewarded him with a three-year, $24 million contract this summer for his troubles.

But another big reason for their unexpected success came from a more understated member of the roster: Tobias Harris, who joined the Clippers in the aforementioned Griffin trade. Harris rather quietly put up 19 points and six rebounds per game for the Clippers on 41 percent shooting from downtown during his 32 appearances with his new team, all of which would’ve been career bests had they extended over a full season.

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