Top 101 NBA Fantasy Basketball Players In 2010-11

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For those of you that picked up Dime #59, you got the definitive Fantasy Basketball Preview. But after yesterday’s post on seven players I’m targeting this year, people were craving more and more knowledge. So, without further ado, here’s the projected Top 101 fantasy basketball players in 2010-11 (based on a nine-category, head-to-head perspective).

1. Kevin Durant: Among the many things he did differently from a certain NBA superstar-gone-South-Beach this offseason, KD managed to elevate his fantasy (and real-life) status rather than stifle it. He was essentially tied for Fantasy Player of the Year honors in 2009-10, and after putting up insane stats last season (48 percent from the field, 90 percent from the line, around 30/8/3 and a combo of 4.0 threes/steals/block per game) it’s easy to write the kid’s name in at No. 1 on your draft cheat sheets. Oh, and get this: Durant will be 22 years old when the season starts. Yeah, he still has some serious growing to do. Hide your kids, hide your wife.

2. LeBron James: Whatever James endured this summer is the equivalent of a few scuffs on his fantasy basketball sneakers. While he’s no longer a consensus No. 1 fantasy pick, he still has a fighting chance to steal that honor this season. How? By expending less energy on scoring and focusing more on the other things. While it’s tempting to assume that this makes him a near-lock to average a triple-double, it’ll be difficult for him to dish out that many more assists than he did last season since he won’t have the ball in his hands nearly as often as he did in Cleveland. Is 23/9/9 out of the question? Nope, but don’t bank on it. Regardless, this is Take-My-Talents James we’re talking about here, the baddest all-around fantasy player in the land, and he’s still only 25 years old. Be confident drafting him at No. 2 this fall – go ahead and speak in the third person while you do it.

3. Chris Paul: He has his health back (for now) and his talented backup has been shipped out of town in exchange for a skilled swingman, which gives him another weapon to pass to. Things are looking up for CP3 in New Orleans, no matter how much he actually wants to stay there. If you deem him worthy of the No. 2 overall spot on this list, it’s tough to blame you. After all, when healthy and firing on all pistons, Paul puts up gaudy numbers on a nightly basis. The main reason why it’s easier to leave him until No. 3 is his health, which is far less reliable than James’. If, however, you can stomach the injury risk and are drawn to building your fantasy team on the foundation of a monster point guard, pick him a spot earlier than this and don’t look back.

4. Dirk Nowitzki: He’s been as steady a fantasy basketball player as you can ask for, but that doesn’t mean it makes it any more appealing to take him here. Does Nowitzki belong at No. 4 overall? Absolutely. Does he hurt you anywhere? Nope – take a look at his stats from last season, or any of his last 10 seasons for that matter, and try to point out a glaring weakness. You’ll have an easier time finding Jennifer Aniston a husband. Diggler’s one of the most efficient fantasy players out there, but the funny thing is that his consistency almost lulls fantasy owners numb to his great value. He’s the wisest pick here, but if you just can’t stand the boredom that’s included in this package of fantasy goodness, feel free to take a risk on someone who offers more excitement. Just be prepared to slap yourself on the forehead for taking that risk this early in the draft if it doesn’t pan out.

5. Pau Gasol: He finally broke through the double-double barrier last season, and with Andrew Bynum apparently a lock to miss 20+ games every season for the rest of his life and Kobe losing the slightest step, the Spaniard should continue to run wild in L.A. He could be set to shoulder a bigger load on offense for the Lakers, too. Solid centers are hard to come by in fantasy basketball, and getting one this early is a huge blessing.

6. Deron Williams: He’s a walking, dribbling double-double. The only real concerns for Williams are his vulnerability to dings and dents, and the loss of his pick-and-roll buddy Carlos Boozer. It’ll be interesting to see how he meshes with Al Jefferson and commands the floor with Paul Millsap playing more minutes, but the Jazz are still his team and he should have no trouble leading it well.

7. Kobe Bryant: The day of Kobe’s decline is nearing, but don’t overreact. He’ll start the season off slowly, but it’s hard to think that the Black Mamba’s not feeling juiced up about defending his throne to the death from the threats posed by a galling trio joining forces in Miami, and Shaquille O’Neal in Celtic green. There were unmistakable signs of wear and tear last season, so it’s understandable if Bryant drops further than this in some drafts. It’s just hard to believe that he’ll average anything less than 26/5/5 once he’s back to nearly 100 percent again this season.

8. Danny Granger: I’m not looking at the screen as I type this. When healthy, Granger is an outright stud: he scores the ball well, hits boatloads of threes and gives you an enjoyable mix of steals and blocks. The major knocks on his fantasy value are his field-goal percentage (which is vulnerable to his trigger-happiness from beyond the arc) and his health. Granger has missed 35 games in his last two seasons and is a regular guest on injury reports. Still, with Troy Murphy out of Indiana and a capable point guard at the helm for the Pacers, there’s more than enough reason to be optimistic about his fantasy value this season. Let’s just hope his body has had enough time to rest after his summer playing in the World Championships.

9. Stephen Curry: If you didn’t pay attention you probably didn’t see that Curry finished as a top 12 fantasy player last season. Instead of hitting the dreaded rookie wall, he kicked things into an even higher gear as the year wore on, averaging about 22/6/8 along with 2.0 steals and 2.7 threes per game after the All-Star break, all while shooting 47 percent from the field and 90 percent from the line. With the likes of Anthony Morrow, C.J. Watson and Corey Maggette out of town, it’s clear that the keys to the offense in Oakland are all Curry’s. Yes, Nellie is out of town, but the Warriors should still be a productive team on the offensive side of the floor. And if he doesn’t make a sophomore leap and his stats remain stagnant? He’s still be worth a first-round pick.

10. Dwyane Wade: After producing two monster seasons with nauseating rosters, it’s logical to knock him down your draft lists a few spots now that he has a lot more help. The name of the game this season will be efficiency for Wade, who has James around to handle the ball more (fewer turnovers) and an overall team that will relieve tons of pressure from him (higher field-goal percentage, lower injury risk). It’s safe to say most of his numbers will be weighed down a bit this season, but he’ll still be an all-around asset to your fantasy squad. If you want to make the case that he goes higher than this, you won’t find much resistance here – No. 10 just seems more prudent.

11. Amar’e Stoudemire
12. David Lee
13. Gerald Wallace
14. Josh Smith
15. Dwight Howard
16. Brook Lopez
17. Steve Nash
18. Carmelo Anthony
19. Rajon Rondo
20. Jason Kidd
21. Al Jefferson
22. Al Horford
23. Chris Bosh
24. Brandon Roy
25. Chauncey Billups
26. Joe Johnson
27. Monta Ellis
28. Andre Iguodala
29. Tim Duncan
30. Nene Hilario
31. David West
32. Marc Gasol
33. Manu Ginobili
34. Danilo Gallinari
35. Andrea Bargnani
36. Tyreke Evans
37. Marcus Camby
38. Darren Collison
39. Paul Pierce
40. Jason Richardson
41. Zach Randolph
42. Rudy Gay
43. Stephen Jackson
44. Aaron Brooks
45. Kevin Martin
46. Troy Murphy
47. Raymond Felton
48. Russell Westbrook
49. Joakim Noah
50. Kevin Love
51. Mo Williams
52. Derrick Rose
53. Gilbert Arenas
54. Devin Harris
55. Antawn Jamison
56. Anthony Randolph
57. Jeff Green
58. Kevin Garnett
59. Andray Blatche
60. Blake Griffin
61. Baron Davis
62. Trevor Ariza
63. Hedo Turkoglu
64. O.J. Mayo
65. Eric Gordon
66. John Wall
67. Paul Millsap
68. Ray Allen
69. Chris Kaman
70. LaMarcus Aldridge
71. Lamar Odom
72. Andrei Kirilenko
73. Rashard Lewis
74. Carlos Boozer
75. Luol Deng
76. Jamal Crawford
77. Caron Butler
78. Andrew Bogut
79. Nicolas Batum
80. John Salmons
81. Luis Scola
82. Yao Ming
83. Beno Udrih
84. Brandon Jennings
85. J.J. Hickson
86. Andre Miller
87. Elton Brand
88. Roy Hibbert
89. Robin Lopez
90. Jrue Holiday
91. Vince Carter
92. Anthony Morrow
93. Samuel Dalembert
94. Terrence Williams
95. Jason Terry
96. Jameer Nelson
97. George Hill
98. Channing Frye
99. J.R. Smith
100. Mike Miller
101. DeMarcus Cousins

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