The Raptors’ President Cryptically Says Vince Carter Will ‘Be Home In Toronto’

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Vince Carter‘s breakup with the Toronto Raptors was famously messy. Raptors fans believed Carter quit on the franchise in the weeks leading up to his eventual trade to the then-New Jersey Nets, and it led to a unique situation where Carter would get booed whenever he would return to Toronto.

But now that Carter’s career is winding down, it may be time for the two sides to bury the hatchet. If you want to see that happen, there’s some good news: Raptors president Masai Ujiri opened the door for Carter and Toronto to have a relationship somewhere down the line.

Ujiri didn’t expand on how Carter will “be home,” but there are a few things that make sense. Obviously he could return to Toronto before his career ends, whether he joins the team for a season or if he does the one-day deal thing and retires as a Raptor. Or Toronto could retire Carter’s old number with the franchise, 15. It would be a huge move, as Toronto has never retired a number, but if anyone from the franchise’s past deserves this honor, it’s Carter.

It would be really great for Carter to bookend his career by ending it in Toronto in some capacity. Let’s make it happen, Raptors.

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