Watch Utah’s Trevor Booker Slap A Posturing Roy Hibbert

SLAP FIGHT! Actually, Roy Hibbert was just trying to show his new teammate he had his back. After Trevor Booker, looking Hannibal-esque in a mask, threw Julius Randle off of his spot on the floor in Tuesday night’s Lakers-Jazz preseason game in Hawaii, Roy wanted to help.

You see, Randle was attempting to set a hard screen and had invaded Booker’s space. Booker didn’t like that.

That’s when Roy strutted over like seven-footers everywhere. You see, it’s likely no one has ever thrown a punch at Roy when he decides to get involved in a tiff. That’d be crazy to do. But we’re a little more leery because we’ve been on the wrong end of some dumb bar fights; that’s primarily because we’re not seven-feet tall and we don’t play in the NBA. Our only rule is to either throw the first punch, the last one, or shut the hell up. Talking is a waste of time and acts as proof the person involved in the altercation has no desire to escalate to fisticuffs. Most people don’t. Perhaps, even Roy Hibbert.

Except, last night, Hibbert was jawing at Booker as he sashayed towards him from the paint, and Roy didn’t have any experience with a man near his size so quick to the trigger.

Perhaps someone was rude to Booker before the game, because he slapped Hibbert’s face like the new Lakers center had just insulted his honor.

This seemed to enrage Hibbert, but by that time, the refs were involved and everyone was playing the “hold me back” game.

Booker was ejected and Hibbert merely assessed a technical. You know who really lost this little scuffle? Booker’s poor face mask.

The Jazz got the last laugh, though, with a 117-114 overtime win.