LeBron Got Into A Shouting Match With Tristan Thompson During Cleveland’s Win Over Indiana

We’re right at the end of the NBA’s regular season. At this point, all that teams that have a postseason spot locked up should really be doing is ironing out whatever issues they may have before they get to the playoffs.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, the biggest issue for a while has been its defense. This is a bit surprising, as they have LeBron James, and he has always placed an emphasis on that side of the floor. Apparently, his high standard on defense led to a bit of a dust up between himself and Tristan Thompson on Sunday.

The Cavaliers ended up beating the Indiana Pacers in double overtime, 135-130, but at one point during the final overtime period, this happened between the two Cavaliers teammates.

From what we could see, LeBron wasn’t too into this interaction, but Thompson was very obviously fired up. He was letting LeBron know what was on his mind heading into the time out, and then while they were huddled up, he kept going. According to Jason Lloyd, this was rooted in LeBron’s dismay with Thompson’s defense.

Cleveland ended up getting the win, so this probably won’t be anything other than a spat that spontaneously happened, even if you never wanna see someone get this angry at a teammate during a game.