Twitter And J.R. Smith Mocked John Wall’s Outfit During Game 4

05.12.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

Basketball fans wait breathlessly for John Wall‘s gigantic hand and wrist to shrink enough for him to rejoin the Wizards and resume possibly the most surprising playoff run in the NBA. Until it does, they’ll have to see him wearing street clothes business *casual* attire on the sideline. But damn, John, could you at least make that pleasant?

Ramon Sessions’ face is our face. No one can wear an outfit like that on national TV and pass by unnoticed by Twitter.

J.R. Smith‘s Cavaliers were off that night, so he had time to watch the game, and he joined in on this particular episode of Twitter Fashion Police®:

That’s some good hatin’. The suit J.R. is referencing is presumably Charles Barkley’s legendary suit from when he was drafted.

I think Wall’s outfit and Barkley’s suit are like apples and oranges. Barkley looked like he worked at a hotel, and Wall’s is just an eyesore of clashing patterns and colors. Of course, there were some who did defend the getup, and one that I couldn’t pin down, but kind of agree with:

Come back soon, John. We’ll never make fun of you for wearing a basketball jersey.

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