Tyson Chandler Would Probably Need A Bigger Bed In His Olympic Village Room

Tyson Chandler is tall. Like 7-1, or something. That’s 85 inches, for those of you scoring at home. According to some extensive Googling, the average twin bed is 75 inches, which would be hard enough for Chandler to cozy up in. The Olympic village apparently does not realize that its residents are athletes, and are providing beds that are uncomfortable for anyone under 5-8. Expect some high energy jockeys.

Lolo Jones tweeted the above picture, as Tyson Chandler feebly attempts to lie down on one of the beds. It’s a nice concept, having all the Olypmic athletes live together in relatively meager lodgings, but this probably wouldn’t be so good for his well being. (Remember, Team USA isn’t staying in the sex-crazed village, so it’s no big deal.) But seriously, if he were living there, someone on Twitter should bring him a bigger bed.

h/t Larry Brown Sports

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