The Underrated Winners And Losers Of Kawhi Leonard And Paul George Joining The Clippers

07.09.19 1 week ago

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Kawhi Leonard is a Los Angeles Clipper, and in a bit of a surprise twist, he brought an All-Star running mate with him. Prior to Leonard’s decision to head home getting announced, the Clippers pulled off a trade to acquire fellow SoCal native Paul George, too. Even by the most optimistic of projections, no one saw this sort of a haul for the team frequently viewed as the other inhabitants of Staples Center.

But something like this has wide-ranging effects, even for the teams that were not jostling to acquire Leonard’s services. While the Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, and Oklahoma City Thunder were most obviously impacted by all of this, we identified three winners and losers in the aftermath of all of this.

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