Van Gundy Stands Up For Howard; The NBA Likes Mitt Romney

08.21.12 7 years ago
Are people really still criticizing great basketball players for wanting to play with other great players? Two years after LeBron went to Miami, four years after Boston brought together the Big Three, and about 50 years after Bill Russell played on some pretty loaded Celtics teams that everybody seems to love, this is still an issue? Jeff Van Gundy took his shot at schooling the ignorant while talking to ESPN about Dwight Howard‘s move to the star-studded Lakers: “If you’re Dwight, you’re looking around and saying, ‘I got to get somewhere where there’s more people somehow.’ Either they’ve got to come here, which if you don’t have a way to do that then you’ve got to go somewhere else.” The dumbest part of the whole thing is that we celebrate when GMs and owners assemble the most talent possible — every fan wants their favorite team to stack the deck — but somehow it’s bad when players want to assemble the most talent possible … In other Van Gundy family news, now that Stan Van Gundy doesn’t have to pretend to like anybody in Orlando, he’s going in on his former employers. In a recent radio interview, SVG honed in on Magic CEO Alex Martins, who had implied Stan couldn’t relate to his players. “It’s a typical lack of understanding from someone who has no sports knowledge, who has never coached or played, who has never been in a locker room,” Stan said. He later added, “I think Alex’s comments are based on the fact that Dwight and maybe others didn’t like me.” … This is the time of year when we start hearing left-field rumors tying overseas teams to unsigned NBA free agents. Real Madrid (Spain) is apparently interested in Darko, while Panathinaikos (Greece) is said to be pursuing Ben Wallace … The Hornets extended head coach Monty Williams for four more years. Apparently you can’t put “Until Anthony Davis decides he’s tired of you” into the language of a contract, so four years sounds like a safe number … Hit the jump to read about where NBA owners are flexing their political muscles…

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