Victor Wembanyama Got His First NBA Fine For Launching The Ball Into The Crowd After Beating The Knicks

Victor Wembanyama’s rookie year has been filled with firsts for the budding superstar on the beginning of his NBA journey. He’s had his first triple-double, first 5×5 game, and on Friday recorded his first 40/20 game in a very impressive overtime win over the New York Knicks, who got a 61-point performance from Jalen Brunson in the loss.

Wemby put on quite a show for the home crowd with that performance and tried to let someone go home with a souvenir, as he launched the game ball into the crowd after stealing the Knicks last gasp attempt at getting the ball down court.

That, of course, is frowned upon by the league, even if it was done in celebration rather than frustration, and on Sunday the league gave Wembanyama another first: his first official fine. The likely Rookie of the Year will fork over $25,000 for chucking the ball into the stands in celebration, learning an expensive lesson in what is and isn’t allowed by the league.

Wembanyama doesn’t seem like the type who will get a ton of fines as his career progresses, but he has now opened his account with the league office. I’m sure he’ll be just fine paying this one, but I doubt we’ll see him duplicate this celebration again this year so as not to have to make another donation.