Victor Wembanyama Thinks Scoot Henderson Is Great And Would Be The First Pick ‘If I Was Never Born’

While preseason begins around the NBA, two games played in Las Vegas between non-NBA teams will be a focal point for many this week.

The G League Ignite and Metropolitans 92 will play a pair of exhibition games in Vegas on October 4 and 6 to provide talent evaluators, front offices, and fans a chance to see the presumptive top 2 prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft go head to head, as Scoot Henderson and Victor Wembanyama take center stage. On Monday, Wembanyama’s Metropolitans 92 squad held an open practice and the young French star met with the media afterwards, with his length as always providing some incredible visuals as he was nearly as tall as the PR guy standing next to him while sitting down.

For anyone wondering what Wembanyama’s level of Dog In Him is, he answered that with one of the greatest responses possible to being asked about his talented opponent this week. Wembanyama made sure to compliment Henderson’s talent and abilities as a player, noting he’s No. 1 pick material and would be considered that in the 2023 class, “if I was never born.”

It’s a tremendous response and wasn’t a dig at Henderson at all, he’s simply stating what pretty much every scout and draft analyst has said. Henderson’s an elite prospect, and his presence in this class is part of why the tank race this year figures to be stronger than we’ve seen in some time, because not only are you chasing a generational prospect in Wembanyama, but the consolation prize for landing the second pick is as strong (on paper) as we’ve seen in a long time.