Video: John Wall Stars With Liam Neeson In “Taken 3”

Taken 3 will hit theaters right after the New Year, on Jan. 9. As part of the buildup to the third installment in the popular Liam Neeson vehicle, the titular character called up John Wall in a spoof of the phone call trope the Taken movies have all included. Neeson, a Knicks fan, warns Wall this year’s Knicks “will defeat you,” during their Christmas Day game. Wall’s rejoinder is priceless, especially taken within the context of this disastrous Knicks year.

“Good luck,” Wall says with more than a little condescension.

The Knicks stink. Even if Neeson is a fan, no amount of black ops training can prepare his favorite team for the triple-post offense.

That being said, Neeson’s Taken phone conversation is rife for parody opportunities and this is one of the best, especially when juxtaposed with Wall’s nonchalant reaction.

Wall can chase down players as well as Neeson chases down kidnapped family members in the Taken franchise.*

*Is it just us, or should Neeson’s Taken character just go off the grid. His family members KEEP getting abducted!

What do you think?

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