Video: Jus Fly Leapfrog Dunks To A Title At World Basketball Festival

Jus Fly missed all of his dunks in the finals of Sunday’s World Basketball Festival dunk contest and still won the title. The attempts he didn’t get off included a 360-degree, under-the-legs riff that physicists at CERN are still trying to find out if it’s possible. Fly — aka Justin Darlington — has pulled off a number of incredible dunks before with Team Flight Brothers. In this competition, though, he had LeBron James looking on in awe, too. Hit the jump to see one of the dunks he landed Sunday, a leapfrog that went between the legs.

Be sure to check out the face of the guy he leaped as Fly finishes the reverse slam, which he gets a reported 43.5-inch vertical on.

Is he the best dunk contest dunker alive?

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