Video: Kevin Love Falls & Corey Brewer Flubs

02.05.14 4 years ago
Corey Brewer, Kevin Love

Corey Brewer, Kevin Love (David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)

Normally the tandem of Kevin Love and Corey Brewer hook up on a beautiful outlet pass culminating in a dunk. But during Tuesday night’s win over the Lakers and a returning Steve Nash, both players experienced a dreaded moment in Minnesota’s win.

Brewer received another perfectly placed Love outlet after releasing early up the court (he always does) but the dunk attempt on the other end was botched badly. Watch his dunk rattle out of the rim on the breakaway:

We already told you Love combined with Kevin Martin for 63 points on the night, but Love should get a special award for battling through this awful fall with five minutes remaining in the fourth. During slow-mo replays, you can see his tailbone and his head hit the court hard.

Crazy. Two tough segments for Love and Brewer, but they’ll probably take it every night if they get the same result.

(videos via Frank Den)

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