Video: Lou Williams Hits The Game-Winner

Sweet Lou came through in the end last night when his Raptors were in Boston to take on the C’s. With 8.1 seconds left and the scored knotted at 89, the Raps threw the ball to Louis (Lou) Williams in the backcourt. He had one of the best perimeter defenders in the league — Avery Bradley — matched up against him as he dribbled across mid-court. He shimmied a little after dribbling between his legs and went left…

He rose up from beyond the arc and drilled a three-pointer right in Bradley’s eye. It looked simple for Lou. C’s play-by-play guy Mike Gordon said after the game-winner dropped, it was “too easy a shot.” We sort of agree, even though we’re huge supporters of Bradley’s defense.

Except, every time we watch and re-watch the play, Bradley seems pretty tight up on Lou, and he obviously didn’t want to foul. Williams just rose up and pulled the trigger with nary a wrinkle in his stroke. Sometimes good offense just beats good defense.

Was this bad defense on Bradley’s part?

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