Video: I Love Basketball TV Hypes You Up To Workout

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the holiday season is upon us. With all the temptations afforded by the family during this time of year, it’s easy to let yourself go. If you’re a player who has to stay trim for the current basketball season, Coach Rocky and I Love Basketball TV has just the video to amp you up for that workout after stuffing your face with Turkey.

We’re pretty sure — though not positive — it’s Coach Rocky himself gracing the mic here and spitting inspirational words, but we know for a fact they’ve cobbled together some epic movie speeches from Sly Stallone in Rocky, Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, Rick Gonzalez in Coach Carter — copping a quote from author Marianne Williamson, and of course Muhammad Ali.

If you’re not jacked up to hit the gym after watching this, then maybe the life of an athlete isn’t for you:


What do you think?

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