Video: Mexico & Slovakia Confuse Baskets During Women’s FIBA U17 Game

On June 26 during the FIBA Women’s Under-17 World Championships in a game between Mexico and Slovakia, a bizarre sequence marked the end of the third quarter. Both teams became confused about the proper basket they were shooting on.

Here’s what happened with a hat tip again to Google translate. After a missed free throw by Mexico, a Slovakian player takes an outlet pass from a teammate and puts the ball right into the basket Mexico was shooting their free throws at.

You’d think that would be the end of the confusion, with Mexico awarded the points by default. Nope, Mexico became disjointed, and took the ball out of bounds under the basket they were supposed to be scoring on and took the ball the other way in an attempt to go score on their own basket. The buzzer sounded to end the quarter right as they crossed half-court and neither the refs, coaches, fans, or teams really knew what had just happened.

Please save your chauvinistic, or misogynistic comments for somewhere else, though. This happens to men, too, though we’ve never seen both teams, refs, and coaches so thoroughly fooled into switching sides during play.

(video via Victor Lourido)

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