Vince Carter Scored His 25,000th Career Point With A Dunk

11.21.18 4 months ago

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Some players age more gracefully than others. Some enter the twilight of their careers just happy to still be playing basketball at a high level in the NBA, on a team where they’re wanted and in a situation where they’re still given an opportunity to make an impact.

Vince Carter has been a shining example of that. He’s bounced around to numerous teams late in his career, but the point is that he’s just happy to be a productive, contributing member of an NBA team. Oh yeah, and the 41-year-old vet still has more hops than half of the league.

So it couldn’t be more fitting that he logged his 25,000th career point on Wednesday night with a two-hand jam in the lane, and to put the icing on top, it came during the Hawks’ game against his former team, the Toronto Raptors, just as time was expiring.

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