Vince Carter and Delonte West Sign With the Dallas Mavericks

After letting major pieces of his championship squad go, Mark Cuban is re-stocking. Quickly.

First, he landed a disgruntled Lamar Odom for basically nothing, and tonight comes word that the Mavs have signed not one, but two more backcourt weapons. First, around 6 PM ET, once Vince Carter cleared waivers after being waived by the Phoenix Suns, reportedly signed a three-year deal with the team.

Then, a little while ago, it was reported that Delonte West also signed a one-year deal.

The West signing is what it is – the deal’s only for a year and as their 15th guy, whatever they get is a bonus.

A three-year deal for Vince though? Can you imagine what Vince Carter will look like in three years? The final two years of the deal are reportedly only partially guaranteed, so the gamble isn’t that huge. Could the money for these two have gone to a guy like Arron Afflalo, Jamal Crawford or Marcus Thornton before he signed with the Kings?

With the number of teams in pursuit of Afflalo and Crawford, they are probably out of the price range of a Dallas team eyeing big moves next season. And maybe that’s the logic behind the VC signing: He’s another vet weapon to put around Dwight Howard. And if they don’t get Dwight, with those partially guaranteed final two years, the Mavs would only have to eat so much if they decide to cut ties with Vince and move on.

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