Vince Carter Got Emotional After What Could Be The Last Game Of His NBA Career

Going into Wednesday’s slate of NBA action, few had any inkling that it might be the final night of the season. But after Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus, the league put the season on hiatus indefinitely, marking an unprecedented move in the face of rapidly-growing global health crisis.

We are still in the earliest stages of figuring out just how many people may have been exposed and what the ripple effects might be, but the potential fallout could be significant given how many teams the Jazz have faced recently, five of which are subsequently being asked to self-quarantine out of precaution.

For Vince Carter, it could potentially mean the end of his Hall of Fame career. Given the climate surrounding what the World Health Organization has designated a pandemic, Carter said he had a feeling that might be the case, and after the Hawks’ loss to the Knicks on Wednesday, he spoke about the surreal nature of what might well be his final NBA moments.

Thankfully, Carter agreed to check into the game late in the fourth period with time winding down, and he wasted no time knocking down a three-pointer to possibly put the punctuation mark on his legendary career.

After 22 seasons, Carter holds the record for the longest NBA tenure, and he will widely be remembered as the greatest dunker of all-time and one of the league’s most awe-inspiring showmen.