Walt Frazier’s Pick For G.O.A.T. Isn’t Michael Jordan Or LeBron James

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New York Knicks icon Walt “Clyde” Frazier is one of the greatest point guards ever, and one of the most enjoyable color commentators around the NBA today. When you’re a basketball legend twice over, people listen to what you have to say (especially in Clyde’s case, because it might rhyme and that’s delightful). Presumably, that’s why Bleacher Report posted a two-minute long interview with him in which they ask him only one question: Who’s the greatest, MJ or LeBron?

Clyde threw a curveball, however, and true to his old-school nature, picked a player he actually faced in Wilt Chamberlain. True, he was such a prolific scorer that the NBA changed the rules about offensive goaltending to take away one of his primary advantages, but it’s very difficult to get behind someone who shot 51 percent from the free-throw line for his career as the greatest player of all-time. Clyde does try to make the decision a little more granular by using specific criteria, and he arrives at the conclusion that Wilt’s scoring outweighs Oscar Robertson’s versatility and Bill Russell’s winning.

We’ve beaten this horse long past its expiration date, so let’s keep it short: Walt, we love you, but your grading system is broken. But that’s okay! There’s no real reason to have this discussion, ever, so it doesn’t matter. Your opinion, though it carries the weight of your experience, means the same as anyone else’s, which is to say, it means nothing. Have a nice day!

(Via Bleacher Report)