Here’s How The Other Championship Contenders Can Potentially Topple The Warriors

01.18.18 2 years ago

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Basketball is popular largely because it’s an easy sport to discuss. There are a limited amount of players, most of which are among the most famous athletes in America, and it’s a fairly easy game to understand. Because of this, basketball conversations have flourished online and in real life. Comparing players, debating teams greatness, and predicting which teams will win the championship are all discussions that happen constantly.

The Warriors have worsened that last topic of conversation. Try and persuade a casual fan that another team other than Golden State has a chance to win it all. You may get some Cavaliers believers, but finding some outside of Ohio may be difficult. Whenever someone tries to make the case for another team’s chances to win it all, the closing arguments on the opposing side are always the same, “But the Warriors.”

It is a really good closing argument and usually the only one they need. The Warriors are that good. There are, however, plenty of realities in which the Warriors do not win it all this season. There are good teams around the league outside of the Bay Area. So here are a few teams that could potentially win it all and the reasons why they have a shot.

The counter-argument to all of these teams is, well, they’d be facing the Warriors.

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