Cameras Catch A Police Officer Ogling A Woman In The Postgame Of The NBA Finals

Imagine being a police officer forced to stand guard for Mike Wilbon while he does one of his on-site reports. This isn’t what you dreamed about as a kid. You wanted to catch bad guys, not listen to a man who doesn’t understand analytics offering hot takes about basketball.

Then in six seconds, your eyes betray you on national television.

That’s what happened to the man in the following video.

He appears to become aware that he’s on television a split second before an attractive woman walks past him, which results in his eyeballing her butt with the type of laser vision Superman would use to see through objects. Maybe one second later, he remembers he’s on television and immediately understands this is about to be a thing.

The woman strolling through Wilbon’s shot is Ruby Lopez, who according to her Twitter bio is a TV reporter by day and ninja by night. Ninjas are supposed to be stealthy, so the fact she’s wearing a bright yellow shirt could indicate she is not really a ninja. You can’t trust Twitter bios these days.

Lopez’s official job is in-arena host for the Warriors. To her credit, she is at least having fun with this.

She’s even kind enough to laugh at a bad “Rearacle” joke.

And before we judge this police officer, let he who has not stared at a passing butt cast the first stone. We all do it. Men and women. It’s probably not with the same intensity and ferociousness as this man, but it happens. Sir Mix-A-Lot has a song that praises the “Oakland booty,” so let’s butt out of this man’s life before he cracks.