Watch College Basketball Player Punch Opponent in the Face Twice in A Game

Unless you’re a huge Conference USA fan, we are going to assume that you probably didn’t see the UTEP/East Carolina game over the weekend. Apparently it got heated.

Watch ECU’s Shamarr Bowden let fly with not one, but two punches at UTEP’s Konner Tucker‘s face while Tucker was lying on the ground in the middle of the game.

Bowden is so full of rage that he doesn’t even notice (or care) that his teammate is hanging on the rim above him and is basically sitting on his head while Bowden is trying to pummel Tucker.

Shamarr was ejected and we’re assuming that he is going to face some serious punishment. For his part, Bowden tweeted this at Tucker yesterday:

“@ktuck_25 didn’t get to speak to you after the game but I want to apologize to you and your team. That’s not who I am I am bigger than that and it was out of character of me. I was confused at the moment of what was going on. Hope you accept my apology and good luck with the rest of yalls season.”

What do you think is an acceptable punishment for Bowden? Should his season be over??

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