Watch DeMarcus Cousins Explain His Ink To Dime

Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins continues to build a body of work on the basketball court that marks him as one of the best young post players in the game today. Simultaneously, he’s also been building up the ink decorating his arms and torso as he tells Dime in this exclusive video.

Watch as the “Boogie-Man” explains that his mom actually brought him to get his first tattoo, but still asked him whether he was sure he wanted to get one because — as we all know — they’re permanent. Boogie’s first was, in his own words, “awful,” and he actually later got the “little ping pong-sized basketball with a little crown on it,” covered up with the spider tat he now has on his left arm.

Also, the pain didn’t dissuade Cousins from continuing to ink his body, but he was surprised by the itching: “the healing part, I was about to scratch my arm off.”

His own favorite: the one of his mom, “she got really emotional about it,” he tells us.

What’s your fav Boogie tattoo?

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