Watch Jeff Green’s 43-Point Explosion on the Miami Heat

The Boston Celtics may have come up just short against the cold-blooded machine that is the Miami Heat last night, but they didn’t go down without a fight. A major piece of Boston’s attack was a career-night, borderline out-of-body-experience from Jeff Green to the tune of 43 points, seven assists and six blocks.

My issue with Green, going all the way back to Georgetown, is that while he clearly has all the talent in the world, he many times seems to play with all the fire and dynamism of someone sitting in front of a Downton Abbey marathon.

Not so last night, not even close. Watch this reel of all of Green’s 43 points. He’s forcing the action, going to the rim, even showing some sh*t to his game with his handles.

Can you imagine of the Celtics got some version of this most nights?

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