Watch Stephen Jackson’s Donald Sterling-Themed Music Video With Scarface

Last season, Stephen Jackson only played nine games with the Clippers. While the 36-year-old Jackson has enjoyed a successful NBA career — winning a title in San Antonio and experiencing a fun run with that 2007 Dubs team who shocked No. 1 seed Dallas in the first round — he’s also expanded his pursuits to include a rap career. His experiments in hip hop have produced a string of music videos to accompany his songs. His most recent one, featuring legend Scarface, takes aim at the former owner he played for with the Clippers.

It’s easy to castigate some of the simplicity of the imagery and comparisons Jax — who goes by Stak5 in his music career — showcases in his new music video, “America Da Beautiful,” particularly the allusions to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But we think any discussion about race and America deserves everyone’s attention, particularly in light of the recent Donald Sterling fiasco, which exposed just how high up racism still resides on the capitalist food chain.

That’s why we applaud Cap’n Jack’s attempt to eviscerate the themes behind Sterling’s horrendous audio recordings, which eventually led to Donald getting stripped of his team and banned, for life, from the NBA.

Sample rhyme:

“Dear Mr. Sterling I got a speech for ya / I had a dream the Klan had a sheet for ya / We don’t understand we need an explanation. / Is this the Staples Center or a plantation?”

Rap on, Stak5, rap on.

(video via Stak5VEVO)

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