Good News Blazers Fans: Wesley Matthews Says ‘I Heal Very Quickly’

Woe is Wesley Matthews, but he doesn’t appear to look at his rough run of luck like those of us on the outside looking in. While the majority of Wes fans (we love him here at DIME) have been quietly mourning his absence since a left Achilles’ tendon tear knocked him out for the season, Matthews was showing his support for his teammates, and they were doing the same for him.

Except Wes is a free agent this summer, and his injury couldn’t have come at a worse juncture in his six-year career. Right when he should be preparing for the NBA’s now-annual wining and dining period during the July moratorium free-agency pitch period, he’s still convalescing. And an Achilles’ tendon injury is severe enough to scare most potential suitors away from a long-term deal nearing the max (something he could have approached with a stellar playoff performance).

After becoming good enough from beyond the arc to get an invite to a historically talented Three-Point Shootout over February’s All-Star break, he added even more offensive polish this season to compliment Dame in the backcourt, the already talented defender was set to sign a massive contract this summer. Instead, he’s just looking at it, glass half-full. What an awesome dude.

The REALLY good news: Wes intimated the eight-nine month recovery window for most Achilles’ tendon tears might be a little shorter, since he’s got some Wolverine in his blood:

So what’s he doing in his down time? Continuing to vibe off positivity, a testament to him as a person and player, plus a little Call of Duty action.

Get well soon Wes, we’re all pulling for you, and hopefully you sign a bold one-year deal near eight figures and show out enough for that mammoth contract you should have gotten this summer.

(Via Sheridan Hoops)