What is Andrew Bynum’s “Ninja Workout?”

Former NBA player-turned assistant coach, Darvin Ham, spoke with the Indianapolis Star‘s Candace Bucker about the newest Pacer, Andrew Bynum. After training with Bynum during his lone All-Star season in 2011-12 with the Lakers, Ham disagreed with the popular consensus and said that Bynum is “not a disruptive guy.” But that’s not even close to the best thing Ham mentioned. Apparently, Bynum is quite skilled at esoteric “ninja workouts.”

Ham claims he’s been sworn to secrecy when it comes to Bynum’s unusual workout practices; although, he did not mention flamenco dancing or bowling as possible alternatives to the gym. Sorry Sixers fans. We’ll let Ham explain:

“[Bynum] has these ideas about some new ways of training. Some stuff he threw at me,” Ham said. “We had an opportunity to talk this summer and he just blew me away, man, just the level on which he thinks.”

And what were these new training techniques? Ham has been sworn to secrecy.

“It is a ninja workout that few have seen,” Ham said with a smile, “and no one has conquered. I’ll put it like that. And he was one of the best pupils at it, and he totally embraced it.”

Here are some guesses as to what Bynum’s ninja workout might look like:

Maybe this advanced ninja abs workout:

No, that doesn’t seem right. Bynum appears unconcerned with a six-pack, even if it’s the ninja variety.

Possible repeated viewings of this Ninja Assassin training scene followed by his best attempts to duplicate the movements:

That seems a tad “prickly” for Bynum’s liking even if he can be prickly around coaches and teammates.

If Bynum did this next “Inner Ninja Workout” with the “butt bonus” we’re pretty sure he’d shred those tender knees of his:

It’s probably something like this next guy in his shed with a long rope hanging in the foreground so you know this is some real ninja ish:

We’ve got it! It’s just a series of traveling violationsbest plays” from his time with the Lakers:

OK, that was a joke, but we’ve exhausted most of the possibilities, i.e. a quick YouTube search, so we’re giving up (we’re not making a Bynum joke after that last predicate, either)

If you have any idea what Bynum’s ninja workout might be, please let us know in the comments.

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What is a ninja workout, exactly?

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