Help Make The NBA Celebrity All-Star Game Great Again By Getting President Obama To Play

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The NBA All-Star Celebrity Game is the kickoff to the All-Star Weekend each year, and usually features a mixed bag of players who have some actual basketball talent with those who are there mostly to provide entertainment.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan fell into the former category, and put up the greatest performance in the history of the celebrity game, dropping a sizzling 20 points at the 2014 game. Now it may be time for another politician to break his record — an American hero created a White House petition to get President Barack Obama in the celebrity game next season. Obama will be out of office by then, which means he has plenty of time to play basketball with some celebrities.

This could go one of two ways. Obama lights up the celebrity game with silky lefty jumpers, or he clanks jumper after jumper and we get to make lots of Internet jokes. There’s really no downside here.

It may be awhile before we have another commander in chief who can stroke a jumper at a moment’s notice. There would be no better way for Obama to start his post-presidency life than an appearance in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. The American people deserve it.

(Via White House)