Get The W: Respect Maya Moore And The Lynx Dynasty

06.06.18 12 months ago

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One of the biggest misnomers in sports is that basketball as a whole is over once the NBA Finals conclude. If you subscribe to that theory, hopefully you’ll understand why it’s false by the end of this column.

A little bit of backstory here: I first fell in love with the WNBA a few years ago when I was assigned to create highlights for regular season games and a few postseason games. Watching all that film meant I became enamored with the game of Maya Moore and the sheer dominance Minnesota Lynx pretty quickly.

Sure, some might say that it’s convenient to love this team, considering that they’re the most accomplished squad in the WNBA. The Lynx have won four out of the last seven WNBA titles, boast two players (Moore and Sylvia Fowles) who have MVP trophies, and have not won fewer than 25 games in more than four years.

They’ve been so dominant that it stands to wonder why they haven’t been covered more and talked about as one of the greatest basketball dynasties. They deserve to get more praise in the middle of the August, when the primary basketball topic of discussion is some sort of Twitter beef involving two NBA players or something stupid. WNBA players deserve better and have for many years, and “Get The W” is going to be about more of that, highlighting the simple fact that the WNBA is great.

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