Zach LaVine’s All-Star Bid Got The Robinhood Treatment From The Bulls

Always looking for an opportunity to fluff up Zach LaVine’s credentials, the Chicago Bulls this morning swung in to use the stock market memes of the day while also advocating for LaVine’s All-Star bid. As Robinhood paused trading on GameStop, AMC, and other stocks, the Bulls put together a graphic showing LaVine’s stock shooting through the roof, with the caption “ZACH LAVINE TO THE MOON.”

The funnier part might be that Benny the Bull, the team’s inanimate mascot, got in on the skyrocketing LaVine stock and started doling out market advice to fans in the Bulls’ mentions.

LaVine is averaging a career-high 27 points per game in his seventh season and shooting better than 50 percent from the field, finally putting together the type of consistent and efficient season we’ve been waiting for. Maybe on a losing team that’s still not enough for voters to put him in the All-Star game — Chicago has struggled this year despite LaVine’s gaudy scoring numbers, although at 7-10 they find themselves in the morass of teams jockeying for position in the Eastern Conference play-in tournament picture — but you best bet the Bulls’ social media team will work night and day to keep LaVine stock prices high and get more and more people buying high on their scoring star.