Zach LaVine Joined With Jimmy Kimmel To Flawlessly Prank Jamal Crawford

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The 2017 NBA Finals might be over soon, and with that, the good folks at ABC are doing what they can to maximize the available content. That includes pre-game shows from Jimmy Kimmel Live! before each and every contest, and prior to Game 4, the broadcast included a fantastic prank between two NBA players.

In short, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine (with the help of Cousin Sal) put the screws to Los Angeles Clippers veteran Jamal Crawford, and it was both painful and flawlessly executed.

Crawford is well known for his positive impact in the community, and it is easy to see how he could be boxed into a corner when believing he is trying to make a positive difference. Still, the notion of a charity called Children Without Hoverboards” is incredible on its own, and it is, frankly, amazing that Crawford lasted as long as he did without completely breaking down.

It genuinely appears as if LaVine and Crawford are close friends, which isn’t surprising being that they’re both Seattle natives, and Crawford has a penchant for mentoring young players from his hometown. The youngster got the best of this one, though, and the prank was both legitimately funny and perfect when considering the player in question.