Could Zion Williamson Return To Duke To Avoid Going To New Orleans?

05.15.19 2 months ago

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Before you yell at me for this headline, I am just a mere messenger of an actual rumor that, after the results of Tuesday night, always seemed inevitable.

With 10 teams locked in, Zion Williamson’s future was between New Orleans, Memphis, Los Angeles, or New York, the latter two representing the NBA’s two largest markets, a tantalizing proposition for the young superstar. Then the cards were opened and the Lakers and Knicks would pick fourth and third respectively, with the Pelicans landing Williamson as the heir apparent to Anthony Davis, provided he still gets his trade wish.

On Wednesday, Williamson’s status as an agent-less, shoe contract-less draft prospect became more than a story of a patient top prospect and one of incredible speculation. As ESPN’s Brian Windhorst noted on The Jump (to the dismay of Richard Jefferson), there is still an out for Zion to avoid going to New Orleans if he is not pleased with how the ping-pong balls have determined his future.

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