Snapchat Joins The ‘Among Us’ Clone Trend In A Partnership With ‘Farmville’ Developer Zynga

When mentioning developers of some of the biggest video games in the world we hear the usual names: Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, etc. However, nobody ever mentions Zynga, which is unfortunate because they are the developers of some of the most popular games ever, including Farmville. Yes, they’re the ones responsible for everyone sending you requests to go visit their farm on Facebook all those years ago, but while the notifications may have annoyed some, they were great for others. Farmville was a delightful, albeit addictive, game that brought many people into the world of gaming.

This is why it should come as no surprise to see that Snapchat, seeking out a game of their own, has decided to enlist Zynga’s help to develop a game that is going to be something like an Among Us clone called ReVamp. However, unlike when Fortnite attempted their own Among Us clone, this one actually feels kind of original. It also appears that, while it’s definitely taking inspiration from the hit party game, they’re more going back to the roots of the game concept entirely using Vampires as the enemy. A traditional Halloween-style villain that’s killing others and trying to lie their way to victory? Sounds a lot like the classic game Werewolf.

Among Us doesn’t own the entire concept of doing mini-games to complete a goal while there’s a traitor amongst you, and they’ve never pretended that they do, but it’s funny to see these games starting to appear everywhere after it took the world by storm when everyone was looking for something to do from their homes in 2020. One thing that Among Us and the developers are really great about though is crossovers so maybe this means we’ll get an Among Us bitmoji crossover at some point with ReVamp? That would be awesome. I want to run around my snap map looking like an Among Us person.