John Cusack Shared Video Of His Own Encounter With Police In Chicago

The death of George Floyd in Minnesota last week sparked nationwide outrage and protests in a number of American cities. One of those cities is Chicago, where actor John Cusack shared video from on Saturday that highlighted the aftermath of protests that turned violent between police officers and those protesting police brutality against people of color.

Floyd’s death in police custody came after video footage showed an officer kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes despite protests that he couldn’t breathe. Subsequent protests have ranged from peaceful demonstrations to those that veer toward vandalism and destruction of property as police forces try to disperse protesters using force, violence which has been captured on video and shared online.

Cusack shared video late Saturday night of an incident in which police officers shoved him while he was filming a burning vehicle from a clash between protesters and law enforcement. It started with Cusack riding his bike around Chicago to survey the scene.

Later, Cusack expressed frustration with his own encounter with law enforcement, claiming his bike was hit with police batons and ordered to leave, footage he captured and shared on Twitter.

In another tweet, Cusack took a picture of the “peace officers” he claimed used batons on him.