Pierce Brosnan, Of All People, Is In Hot Water Over Some Tourist Shenanigans At Yellowstone Park

If you have a name like Pierce, you are probably used to walking around and doing whatever you want, regardless of the circumstances. This is how Pierce Brosnan ended up in Black Adam, by the way. But Brosnan decided to take his name power too far and walk around Yellowstone as if he was Kevin Costner (just kidding, Costner doesn’t do that anymore).

Brosnan got in a little trouble for wandering around Yellowstone in Wyoming, according got CNN. The actor was cited for participating in “foot travel in all thermal areas and w/in Yellowstone Canyon confined to trails,” according to court documents, he also violated “closures and use limits” which are listed as a petty offense. Next month, the actor is expected to appear at the Yellowstone Justice Center, which is not a new Taylor Sheridan show, but a government building.

The thermal areas at Yellowstone are strictly forbidden, even if you have a name as cool as Pierce. According to the Yellowstone website, there is a series of set rules around the thermal areas, including: “Do not travel through thermal areas after dark; Stock are not permitted in thermal areas; Altering or putting objects in thermal features is prohibited; and swimming, soaking or bathing in water that are entirely of thermal origin is prohibited.”

What was Brosnan possibly doing wandering around a bunch of picturesque bodies of water? Probably scouting a location for Mamma Mia! 3. Or a different, less-exciting movie.

(Via CNN)