Mistakes Are Repeated And Lines Are Crossed In ‘Spotless’ Fifth Episode

Episode five of Spotless takes a different direction by beginning with the end. It shows Jean and Julie sitting across the room from Nelson Clay and his wife; a scenario Jean clearly doesn’t want to be a part of.

Things then go back to 36 hours earlier and show a still-wounded Martin trying to calm down a still-frazzled Jean after a threatening call from Victor Clay. They’re then summoned back to Nelson Clay’s home to find Frank on his floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound. It turns out that Jean and Martin’s job for the day will be to dispose of Frank’s body – after witnessing his murder. Jean pushes back against Clay for going against their agreement and threatens to not clean the body at all.

Jean weighs his options: either being in Clay’s control for the foreseeable future or putting his entire family in danger. Unfortunately, he weighs these options by showing up at Claire’s doorstep and oversharing about his dilemma.

Meanwhile, Martin is trying to make sure that he and Jean are protected if things go south. So he uses Frank’s death to get in with the local mobster Frank was selling information to. In exchange for their cleaning services, the new friends would protect Jean and Martin from both Clay and the guys from France. Martin clearly hasn’t learned his lesson about double-dealing. His new associates put his services to the test by killing someone in the middle of Jean’s office.

In interesting subplots, Maddie and Martin had a hilarious bonding experience when she started her cycle and no one else was around to help. Jean’s secretary volunteers to help launder money and Julie probably knows Jean’s sleeping around.

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