Don’t Expect To Take Your Disneyland Star Wars Coke Home With You


Bad news for out of state Star Wars fans visiting the Galaxy’s Edge attraction at Disneyland and Disney World: those thermal detonator soda bottles might not make it home with you. At least not if you’re flying, because the TSA banned them. Don’t even try it, unless your whole reason for buying the bottles was to test your covert Rebel Alliance skills to see if you could slip something past the evil Empire (the TSA) in which case — please don’t do that, some of us have flights to catch.

Earlier this month, a concerned Twitter user asked the TSA’s official Twitter account if the replica bomb bottles were safe to pack in a suitcase, and it turns out the answer is no.

Speaking to the Orange County Register, TSA spokesperson Jim Gregory further elaborated that the bottles could “create concern that it’s the real thing,” and pointed to the TSA’s longstanding rule that, “squirt guns, Nerf guns, toy swords, or other items that resemble realistic weapons are prohibited.”

Strangely, this rule doesn’t apply to the replica lightsabers and the astromech droids from the park, which are confirmed by CNBC to be safe for carry-on luggage and checked bags. This seems objectively insane, though we suppose those resemble 1970s camera flashes and trash cans more than they do weapons.