Super Nintendo World’s Planned Layout Has Allegedly Leaked

Ever since word leaked of Super Nintendo World, fans have been wondering just what will be showing up. Real life Mario Kart has a lot of appeal, but we didn’t know exactly what to expect, aside from vague hints. Now, we might have a better idea.

Theme Park University got its hands on what’s allegedly a map of the upcoming park. As always, leaks, especially early leaks like this one, need to be generously seasoned, especially since the park isn’t opening until 2020 and four years is an eternity in the world of theme parks. Still, there aren’t any particularly outrageous claims on this map. Unsurprisingly, Mario is the overwhelming focus, with a giant chunk of the park dedicated to a Super Mario World ride, including that Mario Kart attraction. But there’s also a large Hyrule “puzzle attraction,” a Donkey Kong themed area, and even a small area dedicated to Pokemon.

The biggest question is why Pokemon isn’t more of a presence in the park, especially as Nintendo has been pushing the little monsters hard lately. Of course, since we have no idea what Nintendo aims to do with mobile games inside the park, we might be absolutely surprised — maybe some version of Pokemon GO will be an integral feature of the experience. It’ll be a while before we find out, but hey, we can dream in the meantime.

(Via Theme Park University)